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Friday, February 7, 2014

9 Ways to Put “Spring” in A Sagging Spirit

I’m ready for Spring! How about you?
Let's give our sagging spirits a sunny lift!

1.     Do something nice for yourself… without feeling selfish. Relax in a bubble bath, don your kitchen table with fresh flowers, enjoy lunch with a friend. Anyone like chocolate?  Check out dark chocolate’s sweet benefits:|sCV7czmSX|&gclid=COD_hf3gsLwCFWIV7AodggwA5Q&xid=g_dlp-

                  If you love yourself well, you’ll love others, well. (Mark 12:31)

2.      Exercise. Regardless of age or fitness level, studies show that exercise provides serious mental benefits. For one, it releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria.  My husband and I squeeze water aerobics, (H2Obics) into our busy schedule. Our productivity and energy level has increased!  Read “13 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise”

3.     Encouragement For me, giving gifts wakes me up inside, like watching heart-warming Frank Capra movies. A text message, an email, or a card can be a gift…every single word. If you weren’t born with the gift of encouragement, the great Encourager says He will give you His words to sustain those around you. (Isaiah 50:4)

Even rich and famous people experience pleasure, giving encouragement. Super bowl quarterback, Russell Wilson, frequents hospitals, encouraging patients. He tells the hospital staff, “Give me the person in the worst condition.”

First thing in the morning, ask Jesus, “Who may need encouragement?”

4.    Savor Jesus’ Word. Believing HIS words give freedom. HIS words are like real bread and living water sent to us by God. (John 6:32; John 7:37) Sound satisfying? Refreshing? Try eating a slice of fresh, warm, heavenly bread, before bedtime. The last important thoughts on our minds in the evening remain in our subconscious throughout the night and unconsciously set our mental attitude for the day.

5.  Take One Day at A Time Stop focusing on what might or could happen.  Worry robs us of joy; it steals our hope. Read Matthew 6:25-34 and put your name after each time the Lord commands: “Do not worry.”  

6.     Cultivate Thanksgiving  Even when you feel like grumbling and complaining. Begin by penning the obvious: food, shelter, sunshine, transportation, health, close friends… Think deeper. Massage your soul with God’s thoughts about you: “The LORD will take delight in you…as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you” (Zephaniah 3:17; Isaiah 62:5). Imagine, Jesus brimming with heartfelt love… for you! Keep your thankful thoughts flowing…

7.     Find Grace in the Hands of Your Heavenly Father  You’re at your strongest when you’re at your weakest. All weak, undeserving persons receive grace, freely, from God by simply admitting their need. Grace gives divine energy-filling us to act out His beautiful will. (Hebrews 4:15-16)

8.    Try Singing if you’re feeling downcast or discouraged. For me, singing lifts my spirit, and shoos dark spirits hanging around. “Sing to the LORD, for He has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world” (Isaiah 12:5). Tune into Pandora. It offers a variety of music. Google U-Tube and search for your favorite artist. Grab an old hymnal. Or make up your own song. Sing until your heart grows warm.

9.     Check Who You Are Listening To Self-talk and Satan yank our attention away from God. Listening to negative, critical voices is like living in a deep freeze. Listen. Do you doubt God’s protection? Are voices suggesting you could do a better job of taking care of yourself than God can? Send gloominess to the dumps. “Fill your minds and meditate on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst, the beautiful, not the ugly, things to praise, not things to curse” (Philippians 4:8 MSG).

What do you do to put “Spring” in your spirit?


  1. Number 5 has been helping me these days Pam. Especially this week when Ann was in the hospital.

  2. Blessings to you and Ann. John and I will lift her in prayer.

  3. Thank you. Needed this. Jana

  4. Thank You for this Spring column. I will be sharing it with the women's group I attend.

    1. So happy to hear it's useful! Blessings to you and your women's group!

    2. Also, would you mind directing them to this blog...Quiet Waters? Thanks!